Saturday, February 15, 2014

 wearing: plain black T-shirt - uniqlo, necklace - chrome hearts, shorts - Rick Owens, leather jacket - Obscur, boots - Rick Owens 

Thought it's about time to outfit post my new Obscur leather jacket from Fallow as well as my new shearling Rick Owens boots :). I only just realised after typing this entry that everything I'm wearing was actually bought on sale at various places! (minus the uniqlo T). I'm not rich and I buy all of my own things so basically 99% of the time I scour around for sale pieces and I must say I think I am either lucky or just skilled in finding great sale pieces :P. I too was once a fairly poor uni student but I hope you guys don't lose hope and save and scour! I have loved fashion for a long while now but only recently have I settled and finally found my true self and style in this so called "dark style" niche. These "materialistic" clothes and shoes etc. not only make me happy and comfortable with myself but they make me feel confident and cool. They give me self positivity and it is just a massive part of my life. I can't explain it much in words but it means so so so much more to me than just simply being "things you wear". I went off on a tangent but oh well :P

aya :)