Friday, June 6, 2014

New in - Prada shirt, Ann Demeulemeester pants

wearing: Prada puff shirt, Ann Demeulemeester pants, Rick Owens shearling boots, Chrome Hearts necklace. 


HELLOOOOOOO! It's been far too long since I last made a post on here! Work has gotten crazy hectic, I'm trying to work on my website, I'm trying to save money for going back to AUS and my private life is also crazy busy at the moment! Life in general is amazing at the moment (besides the stress and work overload of my full time job!!!) and to be honest, I don't particularly want to go back to Australia. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I would definitely stay and live here. Although I have amazing friends in Australia, with particular friends, I think we have a strong enough bond/relationship that could stay here and still stay friends with them until I die. In relation to my own life and work, I know that this (Japan) is where I belong. I have made opportunities for myself while here, and opportunities have presented themselves to me as well. I never expected such great chances and things to happen while living here so it makes me love Japan that much more. I could/can never get such chances in Australia and it kills me to leave everything here behind... I officially finish work on August 3rd to which I will then go to Nagoya to visit relatives then head to Kagoshima to visit my grandma and then I will head back to AUS with her and be back in September. I will work my ass off in Australia when I get back so I can come back to Japan as often as possible. What an amazing experience and time I've had and am having here. I am so god damn blessed.