Sunday, April 7, 2013

New in - _JULIUS7

wearing: _JULIUS dual layer coat, plain black turtle neck, Dr Denim jeans, Dr Marten boots

Firstly, sorry for the overload of pictures of myself! I've kind of gotton over the whole "oh taking so many pictures of yourself is so conceited". People shouldn't have to put themselves down just to prove themselves "humble". There is nothing wrong with self confidence and postivity guys! YOU GUYS ARE BRILLIANT PEOPLE EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SMART/COOL/ATTRACTIVE ETC.!!! I liked too many photos so I just had to upload a bunch of them :P.

In this outfit post, I'm wearing the _JULIUS brand coat I bought at the second hand designer store in Tokyo called Ragtag. It was very affordable and a great find! Actually my boyfriend found it and wanted it but it didn't fit him so I ended up getting it! :P  I love these second hand designers store they have there because you can find some great treasures at fractions of the RRP. Definitely need to go again!

I quite like this outfit because the details of the coat make something like plain jeans and a turtle neck look a bit more special :) I also really like how the bottom layer is removable! 

aya :)


  1. hahaha yer so funny i feel guilty too whenever i post too many photos in almost the same poses hahaaa,, i love ur julius coat.. i hate u but i love u

    1. dw! It's your own blog! :)

      hahah yes my coat is indeed very nice :P