Tuesday, August 20, 2013


My latest polyvore set.

I actually really like these shoes. They're by Jeffrey Campbell and instantly remind me of the Stella McCartney FW13' version. To be honest, I haven't actually owned a pair of heeled shoes for several months now but I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this pair once I'm a bit settled in Japan. The only concern I have is the height of the heels. I believe I'm relatively tall for a girl (around 172cm) and I know I will tower over people (especially in Japan) if I wear these shoes because they're supposedly 6 inches tall :O. The only other thing questioning whether I purchase them or not is whether I would actually wear them. I've owned only a hand full of heels in my life and I usually (basically never) wore them. I just thought that heels were always for "nice/dressy occasions" because that's what happens in Australia... but I see street style pictures of people in Tokyo and around Japan that wear heeled shoes so I wonder if I can break this Australian mind set I seem to have. Also, do I have the confidence to look like a giant and get stared at in Japan if I potentially buy these shoes?! Decisions, decisions....

aya :)

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