Monday, October 28, 2013

New in - Rick Owens & Ann Demeulemeester boots


The RRP for the rick boots. I paid about 1/4th of this price.

I think I will forever apologise for my short absences! SORRY! So having a full time job means that I have very little free time but an ok flow of money :). So I splurged on buying these 2 shoes! One is a like new, boxed pair of Rick Owens (second hand!) leather boots. They're so big and I was hopeful that I could pass off shoes 3 sizes too big for me but I bought them so cheaply I could either give them to my boyfriend or sell them on ebay for some profit. I might were them for an outfit post though anyway :P

The second pair of shoes I bought are a pair of Ann Demeulemeester boots. These are actually my size! hooray! These were also a fair bit cheaper than RRP. I'm a bargain hunter god! :P

Hope to buy more and put together an outfit post soon!

aya :)

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