Saturday, January 18, 2014


As many Rick Owens enthusiasts would know, Rick recently showed his FW14 collection, MOODY. I am rarely unimpressed by Ricks work and this was no exception. This seasons head gear remind me somewhat of the women's SS09 collection. I personally, absolutely love the 09' women's head gear, more so than this seasons but I still like that this concept was introduced to the mens line as well. I also liked the shapes and materials used (especially outfit 14), however I couldn't bring myself to like chocolate brown colour used in the first part of the show. Furthermore, I also didn't like the shoes!!! I was never a fan of the elephant boots so this mixture of the elephant and ramone shoes was not appealing to me at all. But, to each their own right? 

My personal favourite looks

Backstage photos

The fashion god himself
 images via WWD, nowfashion

What were your thoughts on the show?

aya :)


  1. Personally - I liked; Fantastic play-suits and otk ramones...

    1. Sorry for the late response but thank you for your input! It's great to get various perspectives on shows :)