Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tokyo Trip

A late merry christmas and happy new year to all of my readers! I got back to my hometown yesterday after >24 hrs of travelling via plane and car. Exhausted and greasy as I was, I showered, relaxed and rested yesterday. So now I'm back to my usual blogging on my dearly missed and beloved, iMac <3

These are just some pictures of my trip to Tokyo with my boyfriend. Enjoy :)

Game center hopping in Akihabara

Shopping in Shibuya

Nice store in Omotesando

Nice Prada store in Minamiaoyama

 Night and day view of the Tokyo Skytree from our hotel                                                                                       

Ueno zoo udon

1 part of my bf and my Christmas eve dinner

Yoku Moku crepe

Ichiran ramen

Laudree cake

Yoku Moku cake

Truffle rice. One of my top 3 favourite food I have ever eaten. Heaven in your mouth.

Overall, I loved Tokyo!! Perfection in everyway aside from the crowds.

I hope you all had a great new years and I only hope for great things to come for each of you this year.

aya :)


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    1. You should go if you get a chance! Great food, great shopping, great places to go, fun things to do. I want to go back already :P