Friday, February 8, 2013

New in. Yohji

I bought this T-shirt in the Yohji Yamamoto store on my Tokyo trip. There was so many things I wanted in the store *drool* and the mannequins had the cool long bi-coloured hair. The store its self, like many other designer stores in Tokyo, is set up beautifully. Spacious, minimal and filled with great clothing and shoes. Although I wish I could buy up everything that I lust over, my money gave me a reality slap to my face and told me to calm down and be realistic. I eventually stumbled upon this T-shirt and thought "wickedddddddd" as I recalled the bruised model faces from the SS13 collection. When I consulted money about whether I should buy the T-shirt, it said "being in your price range, you must". So I happily walked away with a fantastic T-shirt and my Yohji Yamamoto T-shirt and I lived happily ever after.

aya :P


  1. Ugh! I want this shirt sooo bad! Do you know where I can get it online on in the US?

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry I have no idea. I actually hadn't seen this T-shirt anywhere prior to the Yohji store in Tokyo. It may even be the case that it is limited to Japan stores but maybe try scower the internet or japan shopping places like yahoo japan auctions or rakuten. Other than that, sorry I couldn't be of more help!