Saturday, February 16, 2013

Threeasfour FW13

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As any fashion lover would know, fashion week for Fall/Winter 13' started last week with New York City being the first to showcase the designers' work. I haven't posted any in regards to that because nothing really took my fancy. I really only ever look forward to Paris fashion week because my favourite designers showcase there. Eitherway, I still check up on the lastest collections and this time around, I'm posting some pieces that caught my eye from London fashion week. These are my favourite pieces by a label called Threeas four (which I've never heard of before today). Pieces were inspired by the astrological sign Ophiuchus, and each were named after a star sign. Be it a design house that it well known or one that isn't so much, respect is due when amazing pieces are designed and produced. Bravo indeed.

aya :)


  1. first time to hear them too.. love the shoes and conceptual rigor

    1. agreed. I would love to wear a piece!