Sunday, June 2, 2013

New in - Alan Myerson "DAY OF THE DEAD" ring

p.s my first name is Stephanie. My middle name is Aya :)

Left to right: Initial sheep fenced ring,  black tube ring from Fallow, vintage thin silver ring, (new) Fallow Alan Myerson ring, vintage silver chain heart lock necklace and Stolen Girlfriends Club necklace from my boyfriend as a 1 month anniversary present :3

Hello!!! Sorry for the absence lately! Exams are starting very soon (my first one on June 14th) and I AM STRESSING OUT! But aside from that miserable part of life, I recently purchased this Alan Myerson "day of the dead" ring from my favourite Brisbane store Fallow (here). I seriously lack jewellery (and I'm picky as hell!) so when I found this cool ring at Fallow's facebook and intsgram, I knew I had to get one! It's my new favourite ring :3 I also thought I would show the minimal amount of jewellery that I own.

Good luck to everyone with exams coming very soon or those who are still at school or working :)

aya :)


  1. Interesting collection of jewellery, I also find it hard to find pieces I like.

    Good luck with your exams too!

    1. Thank you :) Yes it's quite difficult and results in a lack of jewellery I think! Hope I can see your collection some time :)

      Thank you!!! Good luck to you as well if you have some coming up!