Thursday, June 27, 2013


oh damn look at that bicep + added winter weight underneath T^T

wearing: Rick Owens DRKSHDW turtle tank, Dr Denim jeans, vintage jacket, ebay boots, rick owens tote bag

Hello hello! Just posting an outfit post of my Rick Owens DRKSHDW tank I got from ebay some time ago. I know I'm horrible at saving but don't worry I manage my funds responsibily :)

So results for uni come out next week and well I suppose you guys will hear on here if I pass and won't hear about it if I don't? If all goes smoothly, I'll be heading off to Japan on July 20th! I was thinking maybe I'll make a youtube channel or something to document my time in Australia and the process of my life adventures? Eitherway, just something I'm thinking about recently and it's always so weird and unexpected when you hear the voice behind the words no? (I predict that if you guys heard my voice you would be like woahhhhh what the!? I'm not sure if I have an Australian accent or not) I was also thinking about like a video outfit post but not sure yet. It seems like a fun new idea so I will think about that too :) If I do end up making a youtube channel I will be sure to post my channel link here.

Anyway, I hope everyone is happy, healthy and well :) Whether you are on holidays now, still at school/uni or working.

aya :)


  1. Good luck with your results! I hear you about the exam stress bloat as well :P

    I am still struggling through my exams, cannot wait until they're over. Hope you have a nice time in Japan! How long will you be staying for?

    1. Thank you!!! Good luck getting through everything! It's all worth it once you get through them though :)))

      Thank you! If all goes according to plan, I intend to move there for 1.5/2 years until my boyfriend finishes his uni degree :)

      Things are yet to be decided and confirmed but once things are organised and decided, and if you ever plan to visit Japan, come say hi! :)))