Friday, June 28, 2013

Julius_7 SS14

Images via stealthprojekt here 

So men's ss14 fashion week has started and I am quite surprised that this is what I'm posting first. Although Julius_7 is a brand that I have honestly only come to notice and like last year, this seasons collection has hit me harder than the Rick Owens ss14 collection!!! wow! You guys know how much I loveeeeeeee the Rick menswear but this season just didn't get me as excited as the Julius_7 collection. There were some nice pieces but overall it was too fitness-like for my taste. Even though that is also what Rick Owens himself stands for, I myself, cannot relate to it.

So Rick Owens aside, I really love this Julius_7 collection but realistically I wouldn't be able to wear it in Summer. Neither in Australia (hell no!) nor Japan. I mean, I can barely survive in Australia with a tank and short shorts let alone these long pants and jackets/outwear!!! But I still love it regardless :)

aya :)

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