Thursday, July 4, 2013

V O.P #1 - Rick Owens DRKSHDW + Lost & Found by Ria Dunn

Hi hi hi! I'm extremelyyyyyyy embarrassed posting these videos but anyway I need to get over it. They're just of myself showing clothes for my blog. So this is what I sound like everyone!!! Is it what you expected? 

For the first video outfit post (V O.P) I changed my hair a little and it's very uneven because of my usual hairstyle. I just wanted to try it like this for a change but should revert back to for the next V O.P. 

Let me know if you guys like this format at all or not or if you think I should also add still photos along with it. Also let me know if this hairstyle is crappy on me or not please! 

Thanks for watching!

aya :3

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