Wednesday, July 31, 2013

something borrowed: Givenchy T-shirt

wearing: Givenchy T-shirt, Zara drop crotch pants, eBay boots

This is just another borrowed item outfit post, courtesy of my boyfriends wardrobe. He bought this T-shirt in the Shinjuku Barney's store while we were in Tokyo last December. He found it on sale so he decided to buy his first Givenchy piece :3 . I really like the print as well so I thought I might use it for an outfit post since I haven't really bought anything new lately. So lastly, I've decided to grow my hair like this now. I really like my old hairstyle but a) I will be starting work in Japan in under a month so I think this kind of more "normal" hairstyle is more appropriate for work and b) it's a lot less ANNOYING! To be honest, my old hairstyle was a bit of a pain because hair is always in my face/eyes so this one is a nice change :) . Hope it doesn't look too weird for me!

aya :)

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