Friday, July 5, 2013

stills addition


wearing: Lost & Found by Ria Dunn long sleeve gloved top, Rick Owens DRKSHDW waxed skirt pants, ebay boots

Ok so I suppose this is like an addition to the previous post? I wasn't sure if the video is clear enough to see the pieces so I thought I should also post some still pictures. Hmmm I would say that the video format idea is best for outdoors? So I suppose I would try another one if I'm going out somewhere? Anyway. I'm sorry if the first video O.P was lame! My Japanese is also so horrible and I need to start speaking again to practise!

Nicely flowing on from that, I will be graduating university this July!!!!!! I have passed everything and finished all of my study so my graduation ceremony will be on July 19th. After my graduation (July 20th) I will be heading off to Japan to live and work there for about 1.5-2 years until my boyfriend finishes uni. I will either be in Tokyo or in Kanagawa depending on where I am able to get a job. So hopefully things go smoothly! I will probably be quite busy during the move so expect a short hiatus. Sorry! But once things get settled I'm sure I will have some more cool things to post on here.

So that's all the new I have. I hope everyone is well and happy and thanks for reading/checking out my blog :)

aya :)

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